This list is pretty good, but not quite complete. It begins with the original LPs from the 60s (released on World Artists, then Columbia Records, with Capitol/EMI getting into the picture somehow) and then lists posthumous collection albums, and finally, a couple about which I know little. Contributions and clarifications welcome. See also the Official C & J page discography.


  • Yesterday's Gone (World Artists Records, WAM-2002, 1964): A Summer Song, Now and Forever, Dirty Old Town, Like I Love You Today, September in the Rain, Yesterday's Gone, If She Were Mine, Willow Weep for Me, Only for the Young (instrumental), Too Soon My Love, The Truth Often Hurts the Heart, No Tears for Johnnie

  • Chad & Jeremy Sing for You (World Artists Records, WAM-2005, mono, WAS-3005 stereo, probably late 1964): My Coloring Book, What Do You Want From Me, From A Window, If You've Got A Heart, No Other Baby, Donna Donna, Girl From Ipanema, Four Strong Winds, Only Those In Love, You Know What, Sleep Little Boy, My How The Time Goes By

  • Before and After (Columbia Records, Columbia Records CS9174, 1965): Before and After, Why Should I Care, For Lovin' Me, I'm in Love Again, Little Does She Know, Tell Me Baby, What Do You Want to Know, Say It Isn't True, Fare Thee Well, Evil-Hearted Me, Can't Get Used To Losing You.

  • I Don't Want To Lose You Baby (Columbia Records CL2398, September 1965): I Don't Want To Lose You Baby, Should I, Mr. Tambourine Man, Girl Who Sang the Blues, Funny How Love Can Be, The Woman in You, I Have Dreamed, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, Baby Don't Go, There But for Fortune, These Things You Don't Forget

  • The Best of Chad & Jeremy (March 1966 [reissued by Capitol Records, T2470, 1980]): A Summer Song, What Do You Want with Me, Too Soon My Love, Only Those in Love, Like I Love You Today, If I Loved You, Willow Weep for Me, My How the Time Goes By, Yesterday's Gone, If You've Got a Heart, From a Window

  • More Chad & Jeremy (probably Capitol Records, ST2546, June 1966) : September in the Rain, Girl from Ipanema, It Was a Very Good Year, Lemon Tree, No Tears for Johnnie, Truth Often Hurts the Heart, Dirty Old Town, My Coloring Book, Four Strong Winds, Now and Forever, Donna Donna

  • Distant Shores (Columbia Records, CBS CL 2564, August 1966. Reissued on Sundazed [#11068] in 2000.) : Distant Shores, Ain't it Nice, Homeward Bound, Way You Look Tonight, When Your Love Has Gone, Morning, You are She, Everyone's Gone to the Moon, I Won't Cry, Early Mornin' Rain, Don't Make Me Do It

  • Of Cabbages and Kings (Columbia Records, CS-9471, September 1967, Reissued on Sundazed Records): Rest in Peace, Gentle Cold of Dawn, Busman's Holiday, Can I See You, Famiily Way, I'll Get Around to It When and If I Can, Progress Suite (Five Movements)

  • The Ark (Columbia Records, CS9699, September 1968. Reissued in Japan [Sony SRCS 9269].): The Emancipation of Mister X, Sunstroke, The Ark, The Raven, Imagination, Painted Dayglow Smile, Pipe Dream, Transatlantic Trauma, Sidewalk Requiem Los Angeles June 5th and 6th, Pantheistic Study for Guitar and Large Bird, Paxton Quigley's Had the Course, You Need Feet

  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "3 In The Attic" (Sidewalk, ST-5918, 1968): Good Morning Sunrise, Paxton Quigley's Had The Course, Tobey's Song, Paxton's Song (Smoke), Know Yourself; Side 2 is Background Music composed by Chad Stuart.

  • Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde (Rocshire Records, XR22018, 1983 -- reissued on Electric Paintbox, 2004): Zanzibar Sunset, Bite The Bullet, B-Movie, I've Seen the Signs, That's All There Is To Say, Night In Fat City, Seascape, How Many Trains, Dreams, Black Powder

  • In Concert (Electric Paintbox, 2004): Yesterday's Gone, Distant Shores, Rest in Peace, Willow Weep For Me, Homeward Bound, Night In Fat City, If I Fell, If I Loved You, Summer Time - Ain't it Fun, All the Harvests, Generation Rumble, Don't Look Back, A Summer Song, BONUS TRACKS: Yesterday's Gone (2002 remake), A Summer Song (1984 studio recording). Live show recorded 8 March 1987.

    ======== POSTHUMOUS COLLECTIONS ========

  • Chad and Jeremy (Harmony Records HS11357, 1969): Mr. Tambourine Man, Homeward Bound, Early Mornin' Rain, Pipe Dream, Say it Isn't True, I Won't Cry, These Things You Don't Forget, I Have Dreamed, Should I

  • Painted Dayglow Smile (Columbia/Legacy, 47719, July 1992): Before And After, I Have Dreamed, I Don’t Wanna Lose You Baby, Should I, Teenage Failure (45 Version), Distant Shores, You Are She, Last Night (45 Version), When Your Love Has Gone, Anytime, Morning, Rest In Peace, The Gentle Cold Of Dawn, Editorial, Painted Dayglow Smile (45 Version/Mono), Transatlantic Trauma, Paxton Quigley’s Had The Course, Pipe Dream, Imagination, Sister Marie (Alternate Take/45 Version/Mono)

  • The Best of Chad & Jeremy (One Way Records, CD only, year unknown): A Summer Song, Willow Weep For Me, Yesterday's Gone, If I Loved You, What Do You Want With Me, From A Window, Too Soon My Love, No Other Baby But You, Only Those In Love, Like I Love You Today, My How The Time Goes By, If You've Got A Heart, Lemon Tree, No Tears For Johnnie, If She Were Mine, Donna Donna, It Was A Very Good Year, My Colouring Book, September In The Rain, The Girl From Ipanema

  • 5 + 10 = 15 Fabulous Hits (Fidu, 101, year unknown): My Coloring Book, What Do You Want With Me, From A Window, If You've Got A Heart, No Other Baby, Donna Donna, Girl From Ipanema, Four Strong Winds, Only Those In Love, You Know What, Sleep Little Boy, My How The Time Goes By, It Was A Very Good Year, Nearness Of You, If I Loved You


  • John Barry Meets Chad & Jeremy (EMI Records, 1966): The John Barry web site says, "A bunch of music by Barry and pop stars Chad & Jeremy from the mid-1960's, back when they were both on the EMI label. This album is available on various compilations." From Russia with Love, 007 Theme, Yesterday's Gone (Chad & Jeremy), Lemon Tree (Chad & Jeremy), Elizabeth Theme, The London Theme, The Loneliness of Autumn, Aliki, Like I Love You Today (Chad & Jeremy), No Tears for Johnnie (Chad & Jeremy), Fancy Dance, Kink

  • British Folk Artist Concert (featuring Chad & Jeremy and others) (Everest Records, year unknown): C & J songs are You Know What, No Other Baby But You, Sleep Little Boy, If She Was Mine

  • Live Folk from the Mayfair Theater London, The Malcolm Price Trio, Chad & Jeremy, Talking John Berry, Jill Freedman (Ember Famous Artists Series FA2014, probably 1965) : songs by C & J are: If I Had My Way, (Title Not Listed) This Morning, This Evening, Nursery Rhyme Song Humpty Dumpty (stopped mid verse with apologies by C & J, not a folk song), If I Had A Hammer, Yesterday's Gone / (Title not given) Stanley & Dora. Note: The emcee mentions Yesterday's Gone as a recent recording.


This list is probably not complete.
  • A Summer Song / Willow Weep for Me
  • No Tears for Johnnie / A Summer Song (World Artists 1027)
  • If She Were Mine / Willow Weep for Me (World Artists 1034)
  • Donna Donna / If I Loved You (World Artists 1041)
  • A Very Good Year / What Do You Want with Me (World Artists 1052)
  • September in the Rain / Only for the Young (World Artists 1060)
  • Yesterday's Gone / If I Loved You (Capitol 6088)
  • Before and After / Fare Thee Well (Columbia 4-43277)
  • I Don't Want to Lose You Baby / Pennies (Columbia 4-43339)
  • Editorial / Painted Dayglow Smile (Columbia 4-44379)
  • I Have Dreamed / Should I (Columbia 4-43414)
  • Teenage Failure / Early Mornin' Rain (Columbia 4-43490)
  • Distant Shores / Last Night (Columbia 4-43682)
  • You are She / I Won't Cry (Columbia 4-43807)
  • You Need Feet / Paxton Quigley's Had the Course (Columbia 4-44660)
  • Family Way / Rest in Peace
  • Zanzibar Sunset / Dreams (Rocshire XR95061, 1983)

    ==== CHAD AND JILL STUART ====

  • The Cruel War / I Can't Talk to You (Columbia 4-43467)

The duo's first American label was World Artists, who released the early singles and their biggest selling album, Yesterday's Gone, which landed in the Top 50 for the year in 1965. World Artists, however, wasn't paying the band, and wasn't taking an active role in developing their career. Chad & Jeremy jumped ship to Columbia Records, where they were much happier. It looks like Capitol acquired the rights to the World Artists material. Notice that the original The Best Of Chad & Jeremy and More Chad & Jeremy only contain tracks that appeared on the two World Artists albums Yesterday's Gone and Chad And Jeremy Sing For You. My copy of Best Of... is a 1980 reissue on Capitol Records. Columbia, of course, kept possession of the Columbia material, as evidenced by the CD reissue Painted Dayglow Smile.

Thanks to Roger (aka Dioti) for information on the Live Folk From The Mayfair Theatre album. Thanks to Mike Nichols for track listings to Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde, 15 Fabulous Hits and the soundtrack to 3 In The Attic. And thanks to Michael Flint for the listing on Chad And Jeremy Sing For You. Harris Sherman alerted me to the fact that the 5 + 10 album actually has a photo of Peter & Gordon the back cover!! He also explains that the Harmony Records series was Columbia Records’ budget series (cheaply assembled and constructed), and that the British Folk Artist Concert album, despite the title, contains "studio recordings with a canned audience hooting-n-a-hollering in the background." Thanks to rcrump for providing track information for the Harmony release and for additional catalog numbers.